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One More Island is a game about colonizing the New World and expanding the Queen's empire. The Queen's latest governor – the player – builds a colonial empire in Her name. The governor claims islands to gather natural resources and develop trade, keeps the workers well fed, sends ships to carry the goods, explores the area, and more.


Within the game's UI, the player can select the following features to manage their empire.

One should pay attention to civilization tiers that affect research or zones. The higher the tier, the better concepts can be researched or built.

An image of an island packed with orchards, wine farms, workshops and forests
An example island


The player can select a governor they want to play as. Different types of governors have different gameplay bonuses, such as boosts to building, breeding animals etc.


Each time the player explores the world, it's different. The world map is generated from a combination of hand-crafted map elements. It can be customized by adjusting island size, land fertility, amount of natural resources and more parameters.


An image with an island in the background and a message from the queen - fire on North Direction Island. Does this hurt? Trust me, it hurts me even more.
A fire as penalty for not paying taxes

The governor must pay taxes to the Queen. However, it's possible to delay the payment or not pay them at all, though in that case the Queen will punish the governor in some way.